Outstream Solutions

Outstream video is a great option for publishers primarily focused on writing articles since outstream placements can go within an article, attached to the browser or on top of an entire page. The VideoMosh outstream marketplace works great as a single solution, back filled with another major provider or mediated alongside many providers using our Rocket Yield outstream mediation technology.

Instream Ad Tags

Have your own video player?

Let us get into your ad stack with an ad tag and further monetize your video content. Our ad marketplace consists of a programmatic, direct-sold, Deal ID and many premium ad partnerships that allow us to fill premium inventory on desktop, mobile web or in-app.

Video Player and Catalog

Forget random YouTube embeds on your site.

Use the VideoMosh player and video catalog so you can get paid instead. Better yet, use SpaceMob, our video production studio, to write, produce and create custom video content specifically for your audience. It's affordable and the videos are yours to embed, distribute and do as you wish.

Video Ad Units

Under-content & right-rail video ad units.

Boost your revenue from 300x250 display placements by calling a video ad first and then layering in with display thereafter. CPMs for in-banner video will range from $2 - $4 instantly increasing the revenue of your existing inventory. It's a simple implementation that can provide a 5x lift in revenue in those placements.

Social Monetization

Monetize your Facebook fans without having them leave Facebook! Simply share a video from VideoMosh to your news feed and earn money with every view. The VideoMosh player plays inside the news feed, including any pre-roll ads that may play, when viewing on desktop. This option for monetization helps Facebook fan page owners further engage their audience through video all while generating new revenue.

All units are available for desktop and mobile web.